CPR Pharma 2016

Business SA Export Awards 2013 Winner

As an internationally competitive provider of biotechnology research and support services, CPR Pharma Services is South Australia's top exporter of 2013.

"By using [CPR Pharma Services] a trial could be started in Australia in as little as 3-6 weeks and by incorporating an ethnicity arm into the study, the process of starting the regulatory process in China can start much sooner, potentially taking two years off of the current timeline for access to the Chinese market," Mr Valentine said.

"We can access Chinese populations in early stage development in Singapore and across Asia, which allows a biotech or pharma to jump start their regulatory process in China.

"There's a lot of competition out there in many therapeutic areas, and companies are always looking to be first to market.

"So any time saving in early phase clinical trials, phase one studies, is an advantage."

CPR Pharma Services leverages their specialisation in phase one clinical trials to further increase this time saving for their clients.

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